WVI @ Veith Symposium 2017

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Chairman Prof Sherif Sultan,  senior postdoctoral fellow, Dr Edel Kavanagh-O'Carroll, senior registrar Mr Wael Tawfick and medical student, Ciara Ryan attended this years symposium.



Prof Sultan spoke on a number of topics including repair of ruptured AAA, home treatment for CLI, statins, the flow modulator technology and patching during carotid surgery, which were all well received. Prof Sultan debated on the topics of Statins and EVAR for ruptured AAA.

Associate Faculty

Veith Symposium associate faculty abstract supplement back cover (image credit: Peter O' Carroll, Cube, Limerick, Ireland)

Veith Symposium associate faculty abstract supplement back cover (image credit: Peter O' Carroll, Cube, Limerick, Ireland)

This year saw a successful associate faculty presentation line up. Dr Kavanagh discussed the flow modulator technology, while Mr Tawfick discussed outcomes from carotid patch infections. Congratulations to Ciara Ryan, medical student in the National University of Ireland Galway who received the medical student award for best paper for her presentation on contemporaty bypass surgery. This year also saw the publication of the second abstract supplement.

Thoracic Aorta Masterclass 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended

the #TAmasterclass!

The Western Vascular Institute are hosting an exciting Thoracic Aorta Masterclass in the Galway Clinic, August 31, 2017, in conjunction with this years Sir Peter Freyer Surgical Symposium.  World renowned vascular surgeons and interventionalists will share their ground breaking work with trainees. There will also be training simulators on the day, which will be headed by leading consultants.

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This masterclass is a Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) approved educational event for Continuing Profession Development (CPD) points, and has been approved for 8.0 CPD credits in the EXTERNAL category.

To receive your CPD points, please download the Event Evaluation Form here, and drop this to the registration desk after the event.


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| Download the final programme here |

New Articles Published by the WVI

Exemplary patient care is the main mission of the WVI. To keep up-to-date with the most current techniques, we encourage all of our trainees, SHOs and registrars to engage in patient orientated research.

Most recently, we have published a number of articles in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, Vascular Disease Management and the Medical Device News Magazine.

Medical Device News Magazine

Medical Device News Magazine

Sultan S, Kavanagh EP, Stefanov F, Sultan M, Elhelali A, Costache V, Diethrich E, Hynes N, Collaborators GM. Endovascular management of chronic symptomatic aortic dissection with the Streamliner Multilayer Flow Modulator: Twelve-month outcomes from the global registry. Journal of Vascular Surgery. 2017 Apr 30;65(4):940-50.

Journal of Vascular Surgery

Journal of Vascular Surgery

Stefanov F, Sultan S, Morris L, Elhelali A, Kavanagh EP, Lundon V, Sultan M, Hynes N. Computational fluid analysis of symptomatic chronic type B aortic dissections managed with the Streamliner Multilayer Flow Modulator. Journal of Vascular Surgery. 2017 Apr 30;65(4):951-63.

Journal of Vascular Surgery

Journal of Vascular Surgery

Sultan S, Kavanagh EP, Costache V, Sultan M, Stefanov F, Sultan M, Elhelali A,  Diethrich E, Jordan F, Hynes N. Streamliner Multilayer Flow Modulator for Thoracoabdominal Aortic Pathologies: Recommendations for Revision of Indications and Contraindications for Use. VASCULAR DISEASE MANAGEMENT 2017;14(4):E90-E99.

Vascular Disease Management

Vascular Disease Management