Galway , September 1998. XXII Sir Peter Freyer Lecture and Surgical Symposium

1.     Trans peritoneal Trans aortic Approach in Inflammatory Aortic Aneurysms. Report of thirty-two cases And a review of literature.

2.     Stenting of the Superficial femoral Artery: Results of 171 cases

Limerick, March 1998. Sylvester O’Halloran Surgical Scientific Meeting

3.     A critical reappraisal of thrombolysis in a specialist vascular unit.

4.     Transfemoral Endoluminal Aortic Management; A minimally invasive option in aortic intervention

Cairo, Egypt. February 1998, International Scientific Congress, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University.

1.     Popliteal aneurysms. A ten-year experience.